About Your Guide - Joe Garza

Joseph A. Garza first fell in love with fishing at the young age of four fishing creeks with his grandparents. Moving to Northern California, just before his teen years, Joe would spend as much time as he could on creeks, rivers, and lakes. He would often ride his bike fifteen miles or more to fish.

The year 2001, marked his baptism into fly fishing. On a fishing trip with some friends a fly rod was put in his hand and he hasn’t put it down since. In true Joe fashion, he did everything he could to gain as much knowledge as possible about this sport. In 2005, he became youth coordinator for a local fly fishing club. There he spent five and a half years teaching youth about presentation, casting, fly tying, aquatic entomology and freshwater ecosystems. In a short amount of time the youth program became nationally recognized.


 In 2011, Joe left the youth program to spend more time with his family. He spent the next 4 years focusing primarily on teaching his children all he could about fly fishing. 

   In 2015, a good friend and fellow guide, talked Joe into getting his California Guide License. So with 43 years fishing experience Joe decided to embark on a new adventure of becoming a guide. And  in 2015, J.A.G. Fly Fishing became a reality.


Favorite Insect: Pteronarcys californica 

Favorite Nymph:  Kauffman’s Rubber legs Stonefly

Favorite Dry: Stimulator Orange

Favorite River: North Umpqua OR / Bighorn MT

Favorite Fish: Chinook Salmon / Brown Trout