Lake Almanor is located in Chester, CA. As one of the first hydroelectric dams in California, construction on Canyon Dam began in 1912 and saw its completion in 1914. Lake Almanor takes its name from Alice, Martha, and Elinore the three daughters of the dam project’s coordinator Guy C. Earls.

Almanor provides many great fishing opportunities with good populations of rainbow trout, brown trout, Chinook salmon, small mouth bass, carp, bullhead and channel catfish. We primarily focus on the “Hex” hatch from mid June to mid July on the West shore. The Hexagenia limbata are known as the second largest mayfly in the U.S.A. Bright yellow/golden in color, they grow to be just over an inch. Large rainbows, browns, Chinook salmon, and small mouth bass come to the shallows to gorge themselves on these bugs. We will fish between 5:00pm and dark. Sunset to dark during the hex hatch provides great opportunities to catch large fish on dries. It is not uncommon to see 10+lb fish rising during these hex hatches.

We guide other areas on the lake during the summer months. Also call or email for details.

We also have a small mountain lake we like to take youth and beginning fly fishers to from early summer to early fall. Please call or email for details.



Location: Varies

Dates: Call or E-Mail for availablity


Guide Rates:

Drift Boat $300.00 – 

2 person maximum. Lunch not included


Float Tube/Pontoon Boat: $125.00 –per person – 3 person minimum, 6 person maximum. Must have own float tube/pontoon boat. Lunch not included.

Pond Smelt/Midge Hatch: $350.00 – Drift boat only 1 – 2 people. Approximately 6 – 8 hours of fishing depending on conditions. Deli style lunch provided. Unfortunately special dietary needs not accommodated, you would have to provide your own lunch.


Equipment: Rods, reels, flies, snacks, water and terminal tackle will be provided.