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Northern California offers a wide variety of options when it comes to fly fishing. This is a list of some of the more popular options available. We consider many factors when helping clients choose their fly fishing trip. We consider things like the clients’ skill level and angling experience, weather and wind, river flows, crowds/pressure, and the system’s ability to absorb the pressure. We want you to have the best experience possible, with the best opportunities for success. If you have an interest in fishing waters not listed below, please feel free to ask me about other areas. I work with a large network of guides. If I don’t guide it, I know someone who does and will be happy to put you in contact and help make arrangements.

1 Lower Yuba Summary
Lower Yuba River – Drift Boat/Walk and Wade
Full Day: $550 (1-2 Anglers) /
Half Day: $450 (1-2 Anglers)

The Lower Yuba River is a tailwater fishery that fishes all year long. Located near Browns valley California, it has abundant insect hatches and the dry fly fishing can be amazing during the winter months. The river is infamous for its Skwala stonefly and March brown hatches. These fish are 100% wild and notorious for their hard fights. Pound for pound, inch for inch these are some of the hardest fighting fish in the Sacramento Valley. There are also opportunities for Shad and Striper, below Daguerre Point Dam, during summertime. Depending on the time of year, we fish this river with a variety of tactics. Dry fly, indicator nymphing, tight lining, streamer, and spey are all effective ways the fish the Lower Yuba River.
Lakes – Boat only
Full Day: $525 (1-2 Anglers) /
Half Day/Hex Hatch: $425
(1-2 Anglers)
Hex + Full Day: $600 (1-2 Anglers)

Lake Almanor – Float tube only/Hex Hatch only
Hex Hatch: $140 each (3 Anglers minimum – 6 Anglers maximum)

So rivers, streams, and creeks aren’t your cup of tea. How about mountain lakes for large hard fighting trout? Lake Almanor fishes year-round while Eagle Lake is a seasonal lake. Eagle Lake fishes exceptionally well during November and December. Lake Almanor has big rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth, and salmon. Eagle has both a native and hatchery population, of the original strain of rainbow trout. On both lakes, these fish are big, healthy, and hard fighting. They are well fed by aquatic insects, crustaceans, and smelt year-round. My Favorite time of year is the Hex Hatch on Lake Almanor in June. Really big fish, coming to the surface to, eat big yellow mayflies. This is the best time of year to catch a big trout on the surface. Brush up on those casting skills, because once the hatch starts, it is fast and furious for about an hour straight.
Lower Feather River – Drift Boat/Walk and Wade
Full Day: $550 (1-2 Anglers) /
Half Day: $450 (1-2 Anglers)

The Lower Feather River is a year-round tailwater fishery below the notorious Oroville Dam. The river is best known for its steelhead and salmon fishing. Holding both hatchery and wild steelhead/salmon, there are also opportunities for striper during certain times of the year. The steelhead run in the spring and the fall are the best times to fish the Lower Feather River. Fall is the best opportunity to hook multiple, large steelhead in one trip. However, you can chase salmon on the fly in the summertime also. With roughly 14 miles of river to fish, we have many available options for both drift boat trips and walk and wade trips. We employ a wide variety of tactics during any given trip. So whether you are looking for hard fighting steelhead or want to tangle with a king salmon freight train, this is your river!


Lower Sacramento River – Drift boat only
Full Day: $550 (1-2 Anglers)
Half Day: $450 (1-2 Anglers)

The Lower Sacramento River is arguably one of the best tailwater fisheries in California! Cool, constant flows from Keswick Dam make this river a perfect year-round fishery. The flows from Keswick provide a perfect ecosystem for wild trout, steelhead, and salmon even in the summer months. The best time to fish the Lower Sacramento River is mid-March through early December. We consistently see large wild rainbows and steelhead (20”- 25”) and 20+ fish days are not uncommon.  Don’t forget there is always a possibility to be able to fish dries. This river is known for epic caddis hatches, so be prepared, and brush up on those casting skills.


Other Rivers and Creeks – Walk and wade only
Full Day: $550 (1-2 Anglers)
Half Day: $450 (1-2 Anglers)

Northern California has many tributaries that flow into the Lower Sacramento River watershed. Upper Sacramento River, McCloud River, Hat Creek, Pit River, North Fork Feather River, are just some of the more popular destinations.  Most of these are seasonal and all have special regulations. These rivers and creeks can be a tough walk and wade at times, but the reward is well worth the effort, to be able to chase these wild fish. Hiking and climbing over large rocks and boulders is a must. With good hatches of stones, caddis, mayflies, and midges you can expect hard fighting wild rainbows or browns, depending on the water. These rivers and creeks are the places to head to if you are looking to get off the beaten path and away from the large crowds.

Fly Fishing 101 – Seasonal Walk and Wade only
Full Day: $400 (1-2 anglers)
Up to 2 Additional anglers: $160 each

Fly Fishing 101 – So you’re interested in learning how to fly fish?  Then look no further. This hands-on, on-stream clinic is designed to teach the beginning fly fisher everything they need to know to get started and head out on their own. We introduce you to the equipment we use, knots, beginning casting, and presentation. We also introduce you to entomology (aquatic insects) and fly selection, wading the river, and where trout hold. We run this clinic on a small, user-friendly stream or lake. This clinic is designed for 2 people. However, we can accommodate up to two additional people for an additional cost.

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