Feather River

The Feather River below Oroville Dam is a tail water fishery. This river is best known for its steelhead and salmon fishing, holding both hatchery and wild fish. The river is broken into, two main areas: the low-flow and the high-flow. The low-flow runs from the Hatchery down to the Afterbay Outlet. The high-flow runs from the Afterbay Outlet down to Gridley. We will fish out of my drift boat, with opportunities to wade fish. Each drift is approximately seven to eight hours.

In the low-flow we target two different runs of steelhead:

The Spring Run is from March to the beginning of June, fishing nymphs under an indicator is the best way to target these fish, with opportunities to cast dries at times.

The Fall Run is from late September to December. Fishing egg patterns and nymphs under an indicator is the best way to target these fish. The best time of year to catch multiple steelhead, in a single day, is during the egg drop.


Guide Rates:


Low-Flow – $425.00 Full day, 1 – 2 people


High-flow – $425.00 Full day, 1 – 2 people


Deli style lunch provided. Unfortunately special dietary needs not accommodated, you would have to provide your own lunch.



Low-flow – $325.00 Half day, 1 – 2 people

High-flow – $325.00 Half day, 1 – 2 people*

*No Lunch provided


Equipment: Rods, reels, flies, all terminal tackle will be provided.